Doing Business with our Team

Avoid Delays and Risks with Foreign Distressed Sales

By purchasing your property through Boomerang Capital Group, you get access to a property that has already been pre-analysed and renovated. We get priority access to the best deals on the market and make these deals available to you quickly.

Complete Neighborhood Analysis

Entering a new city with the purpose of investing in real estate can be intimidating if you do not have the right information to make the right decision. Boomerang Capital Group purchases its properties in specific areas showing strong cash flow opportunities and high expectations for appreciation. We do all of the homework for you. This includes, but is not limited to, demographic reports of the area, sales trends and past history and a full rental analysis which takes into consideration competitive and comparative properties.

Acquire Various Properties

Boomerang Capital Group purchases various property types, such as bank foreclosures, short sales, and private sales. We also buy distressed properties in bulk, thereby acquiring them at prices below market value.

Clean the Title

Because most of our properties are distressed, there can be additional expenses attached to the Title. These expenses may include multiple mortgages, property taxes and condo fees that have been left unpaid. Our team ensures that these issues are cleaned off of the Title so that you can buy with confidence.  We also include title insurance with the property for additional peace of mind.

What is Title Insurance?

The purchase of a home is, in most cases, the largest financial commitment in an individual’s lifetime. Title insurance protects you against losses due to defects in the title of the property or expenses in legal defense. Your court ownership is authenticated and will be promptly defended against any claims. A title insurance policy will protect you and your heirs as long as you have an interest in the property. If a valid claim is made against your title as covered by your policy, the title insurance protects you by bearing the cost of settling the claim should it prove valid, in order to protect your title and keep you in possession of your property.

Full Due Diligence on the Condo Corporation

It is essential to ensure the condo corporation is healthy. Boomerang Capital Group provides you with all homeowner’s association documents, annual financial balance sheet, the current year’s approved budget, declaration of condominium and frequently asked questions. We make sure there are no pending or proposed special assessments and we give you all the documentation necessary to make an educated decision.


The condition of the properties Boomerang Capital Group purchases varies greatly and renovations are often needed. Our contractors examine the property before the purchase is complete and a team is in place to complete any work necessary as soon as the keys are given to us. Once the work is complete, the property is in mint condition and ready for move-in.

Income Producing Property Deals with Tenant in Place

Afraid to run into vacancies with your property? We understand that this is a worry for international buyers. We understand the local market and we go into areas with low vacancy rates. We pre-screen tenants and put them in place with a long term lease. This allows you to purchase the properties that already have monthly returns after all expenses.

Find Quality Tenants for Rental Income

As soon as the offers for purchase are accepted, the search for tenants begins. Our property managers begin aggressively advertising in order to attract the highest number of quality tenants who are then placed into the units. Our newly renovated units attract many and they are filled quickly.

Tenant Screening

Vital tenant information will be checked prior to renting your property, from credit and employment checks, to researching landlord references and civil / criminal court records in states where available by law.

Emergency Repairs

We use only licensed and insured vendors for repairs and make sure all repairs are fixed in a timely and cost-effective manner. We put an end to the middle-of-the-night repair calls.

Regular Maintenance and Upkeep

We will relieve you of maintenance worries by coordinating the upkeep of your lawn or pool, our property managers will keep your property in working order.

Collecting Tenant’s Rent

Our property managers also take the hassle out of rent collection. Rent is collected from tenants and your funds are deposited to your bank account. An annual itemized income and expense statement is also provided.

Get Access to Banking Contacts – Account Opening Process

Depending on how complex of a structure you need to buy U.S. real estate, opening the bank accounts in the U.S. is a headache in itself. We will make sure to get you in touch with bank representatives from various branches and show you ways you can easily transfer money from both sides of the border.

Protect Yourself and Your Property

Your investment property is one of your most cherished possessions and a large asset. We provide you with qualified insurance brokers with the best rates with low deductibles for insurance on your property. You will obtain the home coverage you need at a rate you can afford quickly and easily without any hassle. This includes getting content insurance and/or liability insurance for asset protection.

U.S. Tax Compliance

We will get you in contact with a team that specializes in representing foreign owners of U.S. property before the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), State and local county taxing authorities get their hands on your money!

We will provide you with an education and understanding of U.S. property ownership and tax compliance. Areas of tax compliance of which you should be aware; including U.S. income tax, local and state taxes and licensing, capital gains tax and FAPI & FIRPTA withholding.

And the Best Part for Last…

Support for New Owners After the Purchase

Now that you own income-producing real estate in the U.S., you may need more guidance. At Boomerang Capital Group, we are available to provide timely answers and information both before and after the purchase. We have an entire team available to you with the experience and knowledge in working with Canadians.

Have Your Eyes on Your Prize – Thousands of Kilometers Away

Boomerang Capital Group has offices in Toronto and Orlando. You will always have access to us and our team, and through active communication between us, our project managers and you, you will be given updates on the property.

Get Access to our Full Team

Need accountants, lawyers, realtors, property managers, title company, inspectors, insurance brokers and contractors? Boomerang Capital Group already has a full team we actively use to bring you the best deals. Need to use one of the team members? Our support package will make sure you have the right people on your team to guide you through the entire process.

Are you Ready to Become an International Real Estate Investor?

We’ve taken you through all the steps, provided all the tools and support you will ever need, now it’s up to you to take action!