Private Lending

Our private lending program is ideal for investors who don’t want to own or manage investment properties, but still want to earn a high-return on their investments. With this option, you can invest in real estate without ever dealing with market fluctuations, rental vacancies or unexpected repair expenses.

The term for this investment is typically one to two years, but can go up to five years depending on the particular deal. In some cases, we might have to sell the property before the end of the term. But not to worry, we pay a minimum of six months interest for every investment so you always get a good return on your investment. And you always have the option to reinvest the funds into another one of our high-return investment options.

For example, with an investment of $50,000 earning 8% interest, you will receive interest payments of $4,000 per year. A bank GIC earning 2% pays only $1,000 per year. That’s a $3,000 difference per year! Plus you will not have any other expenses because we will bear them all — management fees, vacancies, tenant placement, repairs and maintenance, etc. Then at the end of the investment term, we will pay you back your original $50,000 investment.

Key Features
  • Receive a premium interest rate on your investment.
  • Your money is protected by a mortgage or lien on the property for the amount invested (this gives you the power to conduct foreclosure and take over the property if we violate the contract terms).
  • You have no involvement in the ownership or management or the risk of the property.
  • No U.S. income tax obligations; the deal is a simple loan.

If you’re interested in our private lending program, please contact us or complete our Private Money Lender Form and we will contact you to discuss our different investment options.